Vegreen Fragrance-free Nature Mucin Serum Review

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Korean vegan skincare brand Vegreen the name that comes from the synergy of “vegetable” and “green” is a 100% Vegan and cruelty-free Korean skincare brand.
The standing out factor of this brand is its dedication to thorough research and development of skin-moisturizing methods that cater to the needs of all skin types. Most of their products contain a high percentage of a main, effective ingredient carefully formulated with other ingredients to target specific skin concerns without compromising the skin’s moisture level, which is essential for all skin types.

A vegan alternative of snail mucin

Snail mucin products have taken TikTok by storm in the past few years. Korean skincare brands like COSRX, Mizon, COXIR and Benton which produce snail skincare products claim that they are produced in a non-stressed cruelty-free method to extract the best mucin from the snails.

As the demand for Vegan skincare and clean beauty is growing extensively, the popularity of vegan alternative options for snail mucin is also vastly increasing.

Vegreen’s fragrance-free nature mucin serum containing over 60% of Wild Yam root extract is a great snail product alternative as Yam root is rich in plant mucin with various nutrients to boost skin elasticity, vitality and radiance!

Product information

Price: Around US $18 / UK £15

Volume: 50ml

Texture: Lightweight & viscous

Finish: Dewy and hydrating

Fragrance: Zero

Key ingredients & skin benefits

63% Wild Yam Root Extract (Rich in plant mucin with various nutrients – Amino acids, Vitamin C and Pantothenic acid.)
Skin moisturizing, stimulates collagen production, promotes skin elasticity, anti-inflammatory, and helps with evening out the skin tone.  

5 types of Peptides 
Promotes skin regeneration & skin elasticity and improves wrinkles.

Skin brightening, moisturizing, anti-ageing and controls sebum production.

5% Panthenol
Skin-soothing, reduces redness and strengthens the skin barrier.

How to apply to your routine

This serum is effective for anti-ageing and skin brightening so you may use this to tackle both skin problems. Apply after the toner, the first stage of your skincare step. This is suitable to be used in the morning and/or night routine.

Final rating score and skin suitability

Yes it’s a 5 star!

Overall pros: This is very gentle on the skin with a well-balanced lightweight yet viscous texture. It feels moisturizing on the skin without any fragrance or greasiness so it would be suitable for all skin types including oily, dry and sensitive.  

Overall cons: The anti-ageing and skin-brightening results may not show immediately. Its effectiveness may show after at least 3 months of application. However, if you’re looking for a multi-functional serum that is gentle and soothing on the skin you will not regret this. 

This serum will suit to Dry, Sensitive, Mature, Hyperpigmented, Combination & Oily skin types. (Yes pretty much all skin types!)

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Fragrance-free Nature Mucin Serum

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