AESTURA Ato Barrier 365 Cream Review

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AESTURA is a derma cosmetic brand owned by AmorePacific, South Koreaā€™s largest cosmetics firm. They are committed to achieving healthy beauty of skin through dermatological science.

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A viral moisturizer with an exclusive ingredient DermaONĀ®

AESTURA Ato Barrier 365 Cream, a best-selling moisturizer of 2023 in Olive Young (South Koreaā€™s largest cosmetics retailer) DermaONĀ® the proprietary ingredient developed by Amorepacific, is a stabilized skin lipid-like ingredient with a moisturizing structure using capsule ceramide technology for the 1st time in the world!  This special combination of ceramide, cholesterol, and fatty acid complex work together to strengthen the skin barrier. Ceramide helps to keep the skin hydrated, soothe it, and reduce redness. Cholesterol supports the moisture balance and lipid composition to retain moisture while fatty acid helps the skin repair naturally. These ingredients are essential for maintaining healthy and strong skin barrier function.

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Product information

Price: Around US $37 / UK Ā£26

Volume: 80ml

Texture: Rich and creamy with tiny grains that melt immediately as you rub.

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Finish: Dewy and moisturizing.

Fragrance: Zero

Key Ingredients

An important ingredient for skin barrier function helping to maintain skin hydration levels, soothe the skin and reduce redness.

Supports the moisture balance and lipid composition to retain moisture

Fatty Acid:
Maintains lipid balance helping the skin to repair naturally.

Ceremide, Cholesterol and Fatty Acid together are powerful combinations to strengthen your skin barrier.

Skin-hydrating and helps to minimize the appearance of the pores.

How to apply to your routine

Use at the last stage of your morning and night routine. If you would like to add it to one of your morning or night routines, this would be more suitable for the night routine as it is deeply nourishing helping to strengthen your skin barrier.

Overall Score and skin suitability

4 Stars

Overall pros: This cream feels extremely smooth on the skin with a well-balanced rich and creamy texture. As you apply the tiny grains melt away delicately giving a supple and dewy finish. A very gentle and smooth cream designed to strengthen your skin barrier without any fragrance so this would suit all skin types including sensitive and troubled skin.

Overall cons: This is a delicate and smooth cream that feels luxurious however it may not be moisturizing enough for very dry skin. 

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Ato Barrier 365 Cream

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